Download: Dunsin Oyekan – Hallelujah (Mp3)

Download: Dunsin Oyekan – Hallelujah (Mp3)

Virtuoso musician, singer & songwriter, Dunsin Oyekan delivers yet another simple worship piece titled ‘Hallelujah‘, recorded live at CODE RED 5 by Greenwox multimedia.
In his words, “Living triumphant is dependent on acknowledging the finished work of Jesus and the Victory song that is given for all situation is Halleluyah which practically means Praise Yaweh. Halleluyah is the track for the season aimed to be your response to every of life’s question as well as serve as your mind condition in every situation or state. Halleluyah is gratitude inspiring, barrier removing, Victory assuring and God pleasing
Mixed and Mastered by Kaycee Avwomakpa

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‘Halleujah’ Lyrics
That’s what my song will be (x3)
That’s all i have to say


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