Dunamis Int’l Gospel Center Regionalizes

Dunamis International Gospel Centre (DIGC), Nigeria stepped into another phase of ministry as it completed her regionalization.

Foremost sons of the prophet in the commission who have served for about 2 decades with the grace upon the setman Dr Paul Enenche also imparted on them in different dimensions of operation have been sent to kickstart this phase of growth.

During the kick off of the 3 weeks of Glory service, the. senior Pastor, Dr Paul Enenche echoed that the commission is one. He added that the same Grace/Mantle at work at the Glory Dome is available in all the branches worldwide irrespective of who is sent there to lead, indicating the transfers of the Pastors from various locations to another and regional heads for the six geopolitical zones.

The following pastors were appointed over the Church network in Nigeria’s 6 regional/geo-political zones:
1. Pastor David Majiyebo; North East region
2. Pastor Paul Odu; DIGC Lokoja,North Central region
3. Pastor Joseph Obande Obeya, DIGC Kaduna central; North west region.
4. Pastor Solomon Ipila; DIGC Enugu Central, South East region.
5. Pastor Fidelis Alika; DIGC Lagos Central; South west region.
6. Pastor Oloche King Adaji; DIGC Port Harcourt central; South South region.

The pastors have all since resumed at their new locations.

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